Seats in Economy Class

When booking your KLM flight, you can reserve a seat that’s to your liking. Are you going for more space or a spot at the front of the aircraft?

Arranging your seat

You can choose a standard seat during check-in, at no additional cost. If you’d like to ensure that your preferred seat is yours, or if you want a more comfortable seat, you can reserve a seat via My Trip.

Searching for the price?

We can imagine you want to know the costs of each seat type. You can find this when booking your flight or in My Trip.

The seat price depends on your travel route, the time of day of your flight, your Flying Blue level, and more factors. Because of this, it’s impossible to show prices here without knowing your travel itinerary.

Sitting next to your kids

Are you travelling with children up to 11 years old? We’ll assign you your seats free of charge during check-in. If it’s not possible to have you all seated together, we guarantee that each child with their own seat can sit next to an adult from your group. Of course, you’re welcome to select seats for your family at an earlier stage to ensure that you are all seated together.

Flying within Europe

Intercontinental flights

Seat maps

Searching for a seat map? If you already booked a flight, you can find it in My Trip.

Compare KLM’s travel classes

Are you travelling intercontinental and not sure which travel class you want to book? To help you choose, we’ve compared the features of our Economy Class, Premium Comfort Class, and Business Class.